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Modern Solutions for Effective Sewer and Drain Cleaning

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Drain and sewer issues can bring a number of problems for homeowners and businesses. From slow-draining sinks and toilets to foul odors and even sewage backups, clogs and blockages can disrupt daily routines and create unsanitary conditions. Good thing there are modern solutions available for effective sewer and drain cleaning in Akron, OH, allowing for efficient and long-lasting results. Read on as our experts at C. Lee Services discuss some of them.

Hydro Jetting

Using streams of pressurized water at levels of up to 4000 psi, hydro jetting is a non-intrusive, environmentally friendly method that not only clears blockages but also thoroughly cleans the inside of pipes, removing sediments, mineral deposits, and grease that can accumulate and lead to future obstructions. It's a highly effective method that can reach deep into pipes, ensuring a thorough clean without causing any damage.

Drain/Sewer Snaking

Snaking utilizes a long, flexible cable with a specialized head that can be manually fed into the problem area to break up and clear blockages. It's especially ideal for removing obstacles such as hair, food waste, and other debris that can accumulate in smaller drains, or retrieving items that have accidentally been flushed down the toilet. While not as thorough as hydro jetting, drain snaking is a tried and tested method of drain cleaning that can provide quick results.

Pipe Descaling

Descaling is a valuable technique for cleaning older cast iron sewer lines that may have years of mineral and rust buildup. Your trusted drain cleaning company may employ specialized machines with rotating heads that scrape away the accumulated scale without damaging the pipe's structure. Descaling not only improves flow capacity but also prepares pipes for further services, such as lining, and can significantly extend the lifespan of the sewer system.

Video Inspection

While not a cleaning method in itself, video inspection is a tool that can greatly aid in identifying and solving drain and sewer issues. Using specialized cameras, technicians can get an accurate view of the inside of pipes, allowing them to determine the location and nature of any blockages or damage. This enables them to choose the most effective technique for clearing the clogged drain and preventing the issue from reoccurring.

C. Lee Services is the team to turn to when needing expert drain cleaning services. No matter the cause of your drain or sewer issues, our experienced technicians will provide reliable solutions to keep your pipes flowing smoothly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Do I Have to Be Home? We typically request that our customers, or an adult at the very least are home to grant us access to the pipes as needed, but they do not need to be home for the entirety of our visit on their property while repairs are being finished.

Will I Need To Move Furniture? Normally we won’t require our customers to move furniture or household items, but if there are a lot of items blocking access to the pipes, we will need to move some of them out of the way.

How Long Will You Need To Fix My Pipes? The time needed to finish our work is will be defined based on the damage we find in the pipes, and repairs can be as short as a few hours or a couple of days depending on what is required of our team.

When Do I Pay For Your Services? Customers will pay us for our repair and cleaning services after we finish our work on their property. In addition, we offer options for financing as needed.

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