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Cost of Trenchless Pipe Lining In Ohio

At C. Lee Services, we work hard to provide our customers in Ohio with the most reliable trenchless pipe lining services. Our locally owned and operated business has served customers for years, and we specialize in the newest plumbing technologies that provide state-of-the-art service to each and every one of our customers. We always guarantee that our services will be affordable and environmentally friendly.

Our team at C. Lee Services in Ohio is supported by our commitment to customers satisfaction through our careful attention to detail and our high experienced technicians that are available to you every day. The staff at C. Lee Services is friendly and attentive ready to work with you whether your residential, commercial, or municipal property has a scheduled appointment or unexpected emergency. Being a well-known and trusted plumber in Akron, OH, our customers can always rely on us to provide quick and easy pipe lining services that demonstrate our courtesy and professionalism. We pride ourselves on being available to our customers whenever they need us.

Why Choose C.Lee Services

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At C. Lee Services, we always want to guarantee that our work is done properly. Our pipe lining process is always preceded with a sewer camera inspection and necessary cleaning services. Through the inspection and cleaning process, we can identify the problem, how serious it is, and offer the best solution that meets your property’s individual needs. The inspection process is performed through a sewer camera inspection. A sewer camera inspection involves our team digging a small strategically placed hole above the troubled pipe. When the hole is created, a flexible rod with a camera attached to it is sent into your pipelines to assess what is going on. The cameras we use are only of the highest quality and present our technicians with a perfectly clear view of the interior of your pipes revealing clogs, leaks, or cracks. When the problem has been identified, our team will then move onto cleaning your pipelines.

The most reliable form of pipe cleaning that we perform is called hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is an environmentally friendly plumbing technique that uses no harmful chemicals, just clean water. The process includes a hose with a special nozzle being inserted into your pipes through the access point that was created during inspection. When the hose is properly inserted, clean water will be sprayed into the pipe at a high pressure that can clear the toughest of clogs or blockages. The pressure of the water is not hard enough to damage the inside of your pipes. Hydro jetting is a process that can be performed regularly to ensure your pipes stay functional.


Our team at C. Lee Services uses trenchless technologies that allow us to restore pipes rather than completely replace them. Trenchless pipe lining is a process where an inflatable sleeve is employed into the pipe through a single access point. The inflatable tube is coated with epoxy resin and inflated to coat the inside of the tube sealing all imperfections such as cracks or leaks. The tube is left inflated for several hours to ensure that it cures in place. After the process is done, there is a brand-new pipe that is formed inside of your existing pipes. Trenchless pipe lining can be done to a variety of pipeline materials such as clay, PVC, concrete, and cast iron. This process leaves your property and landscaping untouched.

Trenchless pipe lining is an extremely reliable process, but if our team finds that the pipe is collapse during sewer camera inspection, we will recommend trenchless pipe bursting. Trenchless pipe bursting a process where a new pipe with a special pipe bursting head attached to it is inserted into your existing pipes. As the bursting head moves through your new pipe, it breaks up your old pipe into pieces and pushes it into the soil. When the process is completed, a new pipe will be in place of your old pipe. Pipe bursting is a seamless process that allows our time to pay attention to our allocation of time when assisting your plumbing needs.


While many may still be convinced that pipe lining is not as effective as pipe replacement, both offer trenchless options that make the process smooth for residential, commercial, and municipal customers. The versatility and reliability of trenchless pipe lining allows customers to customize the cost to what they can afford. No property will be the same in relation to cost because each structure will have its own needs and constraints. There are a variety of factors that need to be considered in the price of pipe lining: pipe access, pipe diameter, pipe condition, and size of the project. A residential property is normally on the low end of the spectrum while a municipal like a hospital will be much higher in price when it comes to pipe lining services.

The cost of trenchless pipe lining typically ranges from $85-$125 per foot but it can also range from $4,000 to $20,000 for standard sewer lengths. Our technicians take each point into careful consideration because we understand that every property is built differently. The cost of trenchless pipe lining not only takes into account the actual pipes that need to repiped, but the pre-lining inspection and cleaning steps as well. At C. Lee Services, we guarantee the best priced trenchless pipe lining services that best fits your needs. We will always work with you to make sure that you are paying for what you can afford and what the job truly costs.


If you want to know more about the cost of trenchless pipe lining, don’t think twice about contacting us. We serve the following areas.

At C. Lee Services we are eager to assist Ohio residents with any plumbing service they need. Trenchless technologies allow us to utilize pipe lining in an environmentally friendly and innovative way that makes customers feel happy and safe. It doesn’t matter if you have a crack, leak, or other recurring problem, our team is made up of experts in the industry that have the tools and experience to solve your plumbing problems with speed. If you are experiencing pipe issues, call our team at C. Lee Services today!

Do I Have to Be Home? We typically request that our customers, or an adult at the very least are home to grant us access to the pipes as needed, but they do not need to be home for the entirety of our visit on their property while repairs are being finished.

Will I Need To Move Furniture? Normally we won’t require our customers to move furniture or household items, but if there are a lot of items blocking access to the pipes, we will need to move some of them out of the way.

How Long Will You Need To Fix My Pipes? The time needed to finish our work is will be defined based on the damage we find in the pipes, and repairs can be as short as a few hours or a couple of days depending on what is required of our team.

When Do I Pay For Your Services? Customers will pay us for our repair and cleaning services after we finish our work on their property. In addition, we offer options for financing as needed.

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