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Sewer Repair Summit County, Ohio

At C. Lee Services, sewer repairs are just one of the many services we offer to the residents of Summit County, Ohio. We are committed to creating a strong relationship with all of our customers, and as a result, we maintain a code of honest estimates and producing results that are reliable and will continue to serve our customers for many years.

Sewer Pipe Water Line Repair Summit County

The Types of Sewer Repair Processes

In the past, sewer repair methods were limited to the standard, dig-and-replace processes. Requiring extensive demolition and plowing of properties, the method was expensive and could take several weeks to complete. With the modern advancements in technology, we are proud to have moved away from this invasive process and now offer new and preferred solutions. Some of our non-invasive, eco-friendly sewer repair methods include:

  • Cured-in-place pipe lining
  • Point repair

With these repair solutions at our disposal, we ensure that we have the solutions for all of the problems our Summit County customers encounter in their homes.

Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining

Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining is a popular method of repairs in the industry, allowing our experts to perform repairs completely from within the host pipe. Prior to any of these repairs taking place, a careful sewer camera inspection and a pipe cleaning session is conducted. The inspection provides us with a comprehensive inside look at the condition of your pipelines, and this holistic view ensures that our diagnosis of the situation and the approach to fixing the problem will be accurate.

Cleaning Pipes with Hydro Jetting

After this inspection is finished, we take the time to clean the pipe with our hydro jetting equipment. Limited in size and quantity, our equipment is designed to be easy to use, and with a hose and water tank, we are able to eject high streams of water directly into the sewer line. This allows us to clean the sewer pipes of debris and waste that has accumulated along the inside. This cleaning process doubles to renew the diameter of the pipe and encourage the epoxy resin that we install into the pipe through our CIPP lining to adhere smoothly.

Epoxy Resin Pipelining

The resin is inserted into the pipeline, coating the liner and positioned to cover areas of damage. The liner is expanded with an inflatable bladder and the liner is pressed against the inside of the pipe, forcing the resin to coat the inner walls. After the epoxy resin has been applied, it is given several hours to cure and harden to become the new liner. This not only acts as the new pipe but the hardened resin also seals cracks and leaks away. Cured-in-place pipe lining is particularly effective for fixing sections of pipes or the entire length of the main line, making it a versatile tool.

Point Repair

Point repair is a process similar in execution to CIPP lining, but the equipment is designed to be more effective for fixing storm and sewer water lines that feature a circular or oval cross-sections. Due to their unique shape, it requires different equipment to effectively repair them. In addition, our equipment offers benefits not found with other processes, offering long-lasting solutions through the silicate-based resin we install while curing at an incredibly short rate.

Call C. Lee Services Today!

At C. Lee Services, we are proud to not only offer advanced methods of sewer repairs but we also invest in the most contemporary technology and equipment in the industry. When you need reliable sewer repairs conducted at an affordable price, don’t hesitate to call C. Lee Services at 330-923-4944 to learn more about how we can help you.

Do I Have to Be Home? We typically request that our customers, or an adult at the very least are home to grant us access to the pipes as needed, but they do not need to be home for the entirety of our visit on their property while repairs are being finished.

Will I Need To Move Furniture? Normally we won’t require our customers to move furniture or household items, but if there are a lot of items blocking access to the pipes, we will need to move some of them out of the way.

How Long Will You Need To Fix My Pipes? The time needed to finish our work is will be defined based on the damage we find in the pipes, and repairs can be as short as a few hours or a couple of days depending on what is required of our team.

When Do I Pay For Your Services? Customers will pay us for our repair and cleaning services after we finish our work on their property. In addition, we offer options for financing as needed.

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